ZONA – Film and Performance

Zona – Film and Performance 

12.40pm in the Theatre

Presented by Kau Academy (Estonia) – Curation, Sound/Music/Choir

and Prostor Plus (Croatia) – Concept, Performance, Video

Kau Academy and Prostor Plus are two of eleven organizations which form the European Cultural Learning Network. Some of the results of the project, beside developing, researching and testing curriculum in different countries are definitely new collaborations and art work which will be continued in the future. One of the examples is this collaboration which was formed for the purpose of the final event.

The camera follows four female dancers on their choreographic journey to an imaginary landscape of desire, freedom and spiritual revelation. The focus on the body and its relation to the ruined architecture and nature, results in cinematographically surreal images, whose framing escapes the realm pure visual experience and slips over into delicate feelings of a different temporality, composed of touching, walking, waiting and wanting. Interweaving the interior dimension of movement with the dance exposed in an open space of the outside, a performative, videographic territory occurs, in which a celebration of the subliminal takes place.
Kau Academy and multi media artist KIWA have produced an experimental music work for the filmed dance performance of Prostor Plus. The music will be used to activate the historical context of Tarkovsky and his film shot in Estonia called Stalker. Made to evoke the post-apocalyptic wasteland known as The Zone. Tarkovsky’s work has a vital relationship with Kau Academy since one of the last Tarkovsky’s scripts and films he wanted to direct is owned by the Kau Academy and currently under development. The weird, imagist allegory of the intellectualism of the film suits the musical addition of Estonia’s artist Kiwa to the dance performance of Prostor Plus’ modern movement.

KIWA is multichannel meta-artist. He actively explores and blends different media, from conceptual objects to total audiovisual environments: all together functioning as a hypertextual research of meaning-making and cultural codes, collective and personal myths.

He blends the meaning of authorship on different levels. He is interested in quote, pastiche, games of language and identity, (post)psychoanalysis and schizoanalysis were self-explanatory as artistic methods. The art of Kiwanoid is a labyrinth, or rather a labyrinth in a labyrinth. He has worked with Kau Academy in Estonia and in New York City.


Co authors and performers: Kristina Čavlović, Marija Maksimović, Tihana Naglić, Sanja Gergorić – Prostor Plus, Croatia

Concept and movement support: Tanja Kalcic, Prostor Plus, Croatia

Filmmaker: Andrej Mircev, Prostor Plus, Croatia

Editor: Andrej Mircev, Prostor Plus, Croatia

Music: KIWA, Estonia