Women (36)

Women (36) interprets the European Qualifications Framework

Presented by Prostor Plus (Croatia)

The performance will take palce in a quiet corner.

Throughout the duration of the whole event – length depending on visitors stopping by to sit in the lap.

Woman (36), without any formal qualifications or a degree, invites exhibition visitors to sit in her lap so she could read to them. For this special occasion, and nearly three years after her critically acclaimed Woman (32) interprets the Treaty of Lisbon (performed at the Re: REFERENDUM exhibition in Split), she will be reading from a book titled European Qualifications Framework. In Split, in fact, she read and discussed Armed Joy, an essay written in 1977 by Italian anarchist Alfredo Maria Bonanno, who was later imprisoned for 18 months by the Italian government merely for writing it. What is she, actually, going to read to Taking Part visitors in London?

Credits: Selma Banich, performance artist.

Durational performance.

Supported by: Što čitaš?  www.stocitas.org

From the series Ordinary works. London, 2015

Dedicated to Mila, the one who inspires.

Selma Banich lives and works in Zagreb. Has authored a series of artworks, created independently or in collaboration with other artists, groups, and initiatives. She uses the medium of dance performance, performance art, and action in public space, both on film and in theatre, simultaneously being engaged in the field of non-formal education and practice-based research. While conceiving and presenting her own work, she strives to give priority to ethics over aesthetics, empathy over utopia, art making over politics, and nature over society, thus expanding the context for further learning, creation and participation in the organisation of labour.