– exhibition

Presented by Prostor Plus (Croatia).

Located in the Mezzanine.

TransportArt stands for the follow-up of the TRANSportART workshop delivered by Andrej Mircev and Nikoleta Markovic within the Decompress Reconnecting framework project. The workshop participants – students of Applied Art Academy in Rijeka – have initiated and fundraised for the realisation of 9 art ideas emerged within the workshop brainstorming process. A one year long process resulted in the same named exhibition in Mali Salon of Rijekas’ Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The art works have been realised as one time participative, relational and performative interventions in the public transportation – a bus line no.1, the city line connecting east and west part of the city. The ideas about art works have been thought of as a form of criticism that would make visible the hidden and unspoken social and economic relations that govern the use of public transport, and can be treated as a neuralgic spots of urbanity, politics and culture.

The process of establishing the project/idea started through workshops led by Nikoleta Marković and Andrej Mirčev in Prostor Plus.  The whole process – from an idea to realization – was monitored and tested for the purpose of ECLN. The exhibition will showcase the final work.


Andrej Mirčev, visual artist and dramaturg.

Nikoleta Marković, artist.

Marga Bozanic, Sanja Gergoric, Ivona Maslak, Elizabeta Mocibob, Lucija Ukic and Nevena Zivic – final year students at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka (Croatia), practicing different artistic directions and orientations (sculpting, painting). They come from different parts of Croatia, with different nature and interests. In 2014 they collaborated on the TransportArt project around the dilemma of whether art intervention in public transportation is at all possible.