smART song Workshop

smART song – Una Canzone Intelligente – Workshop 2.20pm – 4.00pm

tetes de bois EXTRA

Workshop led by Tetes de Bois, Mulab Italy with Arteria Poland

How to write a song, or at least how to write it according to Andrea Satta, poet, writer and singer and Carlo Amato, musician and composer – both members of the Italian folk-rock band Tetes de Bois – together for over twenty years, writing original songs and also arranging covers, translating and working on the words of some great French poets and Find the Power of your Voice presented by Wenancjusz Ochmann, musician from Poland. 

In this short workshop Carlo and Andrea will explain their work and their approach on the background of the Italian sing-songwriting tradition: how do their ideas, how they develop by taking the rhythm of a song, how they face the difficulties related to the various problems of writing a song, as those related to the metric, looking for the perfect match of a text with the music, searching the right interpretation to achieve the goal that every good song must to aim: share emotions.

Wenancjusz will demonstrate how to recognise and define ourselves by our voice and the breathing techniques which are necessary in speaking and singing.