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UK 2015: Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth by the Warwick Commission 
In English: The 2015 Report by the Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value

UK 2014: These bulletins contain statistics on gross value added, exports, employment and numbers of businesses within the creative industries.
In English:

UK 2013: The contribution of the arts and culture to the national economy.  Report by CEBR Ltd for the Arts Council England and National Museums Directors’ Council.

UK 2010: The Cultural and Creative Industries: A Literature Review by Justin O’Connor. This literature review provides a timely overview of an area that is growing in interest and relevance for educators.

ITALY 2014: Report on cultural and creative industries by Symbola (Foundation for the Italian qualities) and Unioncamere (Chambers of Commerce) investigating the role and importance of culture in the Italian economic system.
In Italian:
In English:

ITALY 2014: Reasearch on the value of creativity by Fondazione Symbola, CNA Cultura in collaboration with Unioncamere, IED and University of Macerata.
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ITALY 2013: Cultural statistics from ISTAT (Istituto Nazionale di Statistica).

BALTIC REPUBLICS 2011: Annual review about the creative industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
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DENMARK 2013: Cross Sector Innovation, a practical handbook on the interaction of ‘traditional’ businesses and sectors that belong to those known as the creative industries.
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Cyprus 2013: Report of the Ministry of Culture and Education in Cyprus

Cyprus 2013: Education & Training Monitor 2013. Cyprus

Cyprus 2013: Status of the introduction of EQARF Recommendation for VET in Cyprus


ITALY 2014: Interesting article on the latest Report of Federcultura.
In Italian:

ITALY 2014: Article about cultural and creative data analysis.
In Italian:

Cyprus: Art education in Cyprus:

CyprusGreek Cypriot women artists

Cyprus 2014Music in visual arts education

Cyprus 2013Visual arts education

Cyprus 2012children’s engagement with art

Cyprus 2012Perceptions of students on fb

Cyprus 2009: Artistic Learning in Relation to Young Children’s: Chorotopos

Cyprus 2004in-training teaching programe

Cyprus 2004: Incorporating an art museum program:

Spain 2014: Report on the State of Culture in Spain 2014.

Spain 2014: Bibliography from Spanish Ministry of culture about Economy of Culture 2014

Spain 2013: report Catalonia

Spain 2012: Cultural and creative industries key for new economy 2012

Spain 2011: Report on the State of Culture in Spain 2011

Spain 2011: Article Cultural Heritage and cultural learning 2011 pg. 91- 108