Performing the unknown city

Performing the unknown city

2.35pm – Thinking Zone

– lecture / performance

Presented by Prostor Plus (Croatia)

With the help of images and by making a diagram, Andrej Mircev will stage a lecture performance under the title Performing the unknown city. As such, the lecture-performance circles around the analysis and reflection of a participatory-pedagogical experiment in which the students of an art academy in Croatia were “unearthing” hidden layers of meaning and memory in their urban surrounding. It focuses on a range of practices that explore and intervene in the geographies of the city, considering how urban spaces are imagined, represented, performed and contested.

The piece questions the premises of the Theory vs. Practice, Formal vs. Informal edu. dichotomies and encourages/proposes new models of education, grounded in transdisciplinarity, equality and experimentation.

Credits: Andrej Mircev, visual artist and dramaturge, graduated philosophy, history and theater sciences at the Philosophical faculty in Zagreb. He received his PhD. at the Freie university in Berlin in 2011. In his artistic and theoretical work, he explores relations between different media (photography, video, performance, pedagogy) and since now he has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. As a dramaturge, Mircev works with acclaimed choreographers and directors in Croatia and abroad.