Liam Francis and Nicholas Hewlett – Bio

Liam-Francis-by-Chris-Nash2-680x1020Liam Francis
Born in London in 1993, Liam started dancing at a small independent
dance studio when he moved to Brighton.

At the age of 14 Liam joined ZooNation Dance Company and played the Lost
Child in their 2009 Christmas run of ‘Into the Hoods’.

As well as performing extensively for Zoo Nation over the next 4 years by 2013,
Liam was Resident Director, Dance Captain and one of the Choreographers
for the ZooNation hit show ‘Groove on Down the Road’. In  2014 Liam
graduated from London Studio Centre with a First Class BA Hons Degree.
Whilst at London Studio Centre Liam enjoyed a successful career as a
commercial dancer, performing alongside artist such as Joe McElderry,
JLS, LMFOA and Gary Barlow, appearing regularly on TV and joining
Flawless for TV and life performances.

During his time at London Studio Centre, Liam had developed a passion
for contemporary dance and on graduating he was privileged enough to be
asked to join Rambert Dance Company. As a result he has been touring the
UK with the company for the past 12 months, whilst also working with
choreographers such as Alexander Whitley, Mark Baldwin and Didy Veldman
on new creations for future performance. As well as dancing, Liam has a
real passion for choreography and collaboration and is particularly
interested in how the boundaries between dance forms can be blurred.


Nicholas Hewlett

Nicholas Hewlett, a trainee and student at London Studio Centre is also
an accomplished dancer and has worked alongside Liam, taking part in a
number of performances including a show at the Edinburgh Fringe
Festival, choreographed and directed by Liam. Driven by his passion for
music, in the past year Nicolas has made his first steps towards
composing, working again with his ‘partner in crime’, with whom he
shares the stage again today. Composing his work to incorporate various
Jazz and Contemporary elements, Nick hopes to bring a fresh new form of
ideogoloy to the industry of movement.

Having moved through the realms of composing for graduate dissertations,
ballet repetoire, contemporary repetoire, video games and commercial
performance, Nicolas inspiration for music comes back to where his
training began; dance.