Keep Calm and Be a Guru

Keep Calm and Be a Guru

1:35pm – Thinking Zone

An odd italian mixed group formed by youngsters and elders almost aged from 24 to 75 has initiated the experience of Silver Guru Project.

They will tell how youngsters can meet elders through culture, sharing different languages, new way of communications, thoughts and experiences. They will tell how together they try to involve people in arts and in which way this journey changed them offering new perspectives and point of view.

During “Taking Part!” the Young and Silver Guru together will realize a video of the event sharing their skills, feelings and points of view with the audience.

The Silver Guru Project implements the results of ECLN and takes place in Rome. The project was funded by Lazio Region and delivered in collaboration with “Il Flauto Magico”, “Teatro Verde” and with the patronage of the XII Municipality Council of Rome.