The School Project Donation – Anca Clivet

Anca Clivet’s work “The Crown of Peace” is finally on its way to Estonia (via DHL), the artist’s donation to The School Project. 

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Connecting Creative Communities across Europe

COLLAGE ARTS – Connecting Creative Communities across Europe… On Saturday 5 September 2015 the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham will be transformed as it hosts Taking Part – a celebrating…



TANDEM EUROPE supports new collaborations among cultural organisations to address socio-economic challenges. Application open from end of May – 8 July, 2015. To find out more follow this LINK

danish dynamite dynamic

ECLN and Danish Dynamite Dynamic!

By Eddy Thomsen, ph.d. VIA University College, Aarhus Denmark, partner in the ECLN. ECLN communicates by different means. It is obvious – in opposition to clear cut scientific and to…

Stradarolo Is Back!

Stradarolo is back! Zagarolo, June 12,13,14. Three days of the International Street Arts Festival directed by Andrea Satta and Tetes des Bois with more than 150 artist spread out in…

Access for All – event about creative spaces and self-made art professionals

‘Access for all’ is an event about creative spaces and self-made art professionals. On Friday 26th June LKCA, Cultuurmij East and Kunstbedrift Arnhem are hosting the event at LKCA (Utrecht,…

Invite to UNIMA Rome 8 June 2015

UNIMA Italia makes official presentation for the Puppetry Archive to UNESCO

On Monday 8th June at the Ministry of Culture in Rome,Unima Italia – Italian branch of the International organisation UNIMA – are holding a conference to make an official presentation…

Maribor Art Residency

Would you like to come to Maribor to art residency? or you can share with artist that you feel would be loved by Maribor?Find out more here.

Open Applications for Unicult2020

Open Applications for Unicult2020 – a unique opportunity for artists and arts managers to apply for the International Arts & Cultural Management and Cultural Policy programme at the University of…

International Dance Day

“Go out and Dance” – you might recognise some of our associates from Prostor Plus as they celebrated International Dance Day on the Corso in front of Radio Rijeka on 29th…


Update Meeting Maribor

Partners from across Europe gather in Bratislava this week for the next meeting and masterclass hosted by RDA Senec-Pezinok, as well as the ‘Pitch Yourself’ workshops and Collage Arts and Rinova Ltd…


Cultural learning entrepreneur: A new professional identity for teaching artists?

  Tatiana Chemi, an associate from Denmark has written an article on the initial stages of ECLN which has been published in The Teaching Artist Journal vol 13, issue 2 in March 2015. Click the…

Culture for Cities and Regions

“Culture for Cities and Regions” awarded to Eurocities and KEA This 1 million Euro project, funded by the Creative Europe programme will run until summer 2017 and aims to: -Identify…

Break in the desk Project

Are you an artist, entrepreneurship Educator, employee in a SME or a Public Administration? Discover what Break-in the Desk is and complete a survey on our website!

What is Art? What is Literature?

On 12 January 2015, Foundation ARTeria from Poland attended a meeting of ARTerioinspirations to share ideas about: What is literature for? What is art for? These topics arose from 2…