Drawing audiences and artists

DSC07242-2 DSC07240-2 DSC07239-2 IMG_20150530_201227 IMG_20150720_162559 IMG_20150530_225418 IMG_20150530_202106Drawing audiences and artists

Live illustrations created throughout the day will be displayed as an emerging exhibition from the Foyer to Mezzanine along with social media updates

Presented by: CEPS Projects Socials (Barcelona)

Credits: Juan Pedregosa (EU Projects Director) Gigi Guizzo (EU Projects Manager) Delphine Boghos (Artist)

Description: From Barcelona a team of Project Managers and Artists from the Association CEPS Projectes Socials that runs Civic, Cultural and Music Centres, will participate in the ECLN event. The artist Delphine Boghos will draw and share impressions of the Taking Part Event throughout the day, building gradually an exhibition at the same venue. Her graphic facilitation will illustrate and combine concepts that arise during the day, and merge art forms with participatory dynamics.