ECLN and Danish Dynamite Dynamic!

danish dynamite dynamic

By Eddy Thomsen, ph.d. VIA University College, Aarhus Denmark, partner in the ECLN. ECLN communicates by different means. It is obvious – in opposition to clear cut scientific and to some extent political discourse – that cultural learning combined with aesthetic enterprises (artistic practice) must communicate on at least three different levels: At the ”bottom” […]

Cultural learning entrepreneur: A new professional identity for teaching artists?


  Tatiana Chemi, an associate from Denmark has written an article on the initial stages of ECLN which has been published in The Teaching Artist Journal vol 13, issue 2 in March 2015. Click the link for a preview and to purchase a copy – The Teaching Artist as Cultural Learning Entrepreneur: An Introductory Conceptualization More about the author: Tatiana Chemi, PhD, […]

Participatory Arts and Cultural Learning


ECLN White Paper Number 1 September 2014 Participatory Arts and Cultural Learning  All of us start our journeys through a Cultural Learning Landscape as a novice; where, over time, we develop various degrees of competence; and a few of us, through the personal and professional blending of our talent, passion and motivation forge ahead to […]