WinJazz – Women In Jazz Developing Young Women Leaders

WinJazz is an international project created and directed by the Italian association, Mulab, and funded by the MIBACT – Ministry of Culture of Italy – in order to promote the growth and the mobility of young women jazz musicians in Europe. The project aims to stimulate and promote the integration of women in a male-dominated […]

Stop Talking Right What is Wrong

‘Stop talking right what is wrong’. Suppose you are an experienced and successful  pop musician in our region. And we have quite a lot of them  in our region. You’ve already proven that you belong to  regional, national or even international top ranks through your compositions, albums, studio experience, performances and overall career progression. And […]

Same world Project

 A new 3 year project on Environmental Justice (Refugee and Migrant Rights, Climate Change, Water Rights, Nature Rights etc.) . I am sure most of you will be intrrested. Please like the new FB page and share it with your friends, and we will keep you posted about free educational material, online awareness raising campaigns […]

Connecting Creative Communities across Europe

oldman 600x800

COLLAGE ARTS – Connecting Creative Communities across Europe… On Saturday 5 September 2015 the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham will be transformed as it hosts Taking Part – a celebrating of the role the arts is playing in building a new Europe. Manoj Ambasna, Director of Collage Arts in Haringey, explains: “For many years now Collage Arts […]



TANDEM EUROPE supports new collaborations among cultural organisations to address socio-economic challenges. Application open from end of May – 8 July, 2015. To find out more follow this LINK

ECLN and Danish Dynamite Dynamic!

danish dynamite dynamic

By Eddy Thomsen, ph.d. VIA University College, Aarhus Denmark, partner in the ECLN. ECLN communicates by different means. It is obvious – in opposition to clear cut scientific and to some extent political discourse – that cultural learning combined with aesthetic enterprises (artistic practice) must communicate on at least three different levels: At the ”bottom” […]

Stradarolo Is Back!

Stradarolo is back! Zagarolo, June 12,13,14. Three days of the International Street Arts Festival directed by Andrea Satta and Tetes des Bois with more than 150 artist spread out in the alleys, the street junctions and the little squares of Zagarolo, a lovely village at 40 km from Rome. As always, Stradarolo is dedicated to […]

Access for All – event about creative spaces and self-made art professionals

‘Access for all’ is an event about creative spaces and self-made art professionals. On Friday 26th June LKCA, Cultuurmij East and Kunstbedrift Arnhem are hosting the event at LKCA (Utrecht, Netherlands) to share knowledge and experiences about creative spaces, non-formal learning in the arts and provide networking opportunities. During the meeting, the CLOCK, new ECLN […]