ARTwork Workshop

ARTwork:  “Art as a means, Work as a goal” 

WORKSHOP 1.10pm – 2.10pm 

foto workshop Kunstwerk, Artwork

Workshop led by Kunstbedrijf Arnhem, Netherlands

This workshop introduces the method of ArtWork, the experience of the participants and the role of the coach.

Purpose: By undergoing the workshop (similar to an artwork lesson) the (future) trainers learn how participants can deal with framing, to receive feedback so they can experience another perspective of themselves and deal with free creative spirit. The future coach will also gain an insight into the role of the coach and the means of using ‘art’ to achieve a goal.

How does this workshop contribute: it is an non formal way of learning and transferring artistic and social skills. It is learning skills through the arts that leads to social inclusion

Who would benefit from this workshop:

Future trainers/coaches, NEET youngsters who are NEET (not in education, employment or training), people working in Employability organisations, people in receipt of benefits or allowances eg: support for disabled young people, or young people on JSA/income support.