ARTbridge – Exhibition

Wiktoria Kamycka, sucha igłaAgata Chodyra, linorytMagdalena Kępka, sucha igłaJustyna Maziuk, wklęsłodrukAnna Rumin, olej na płótnieARTbridge 

– exhibition by young  artists from Poland displayed in the Courtyard.

Presented by: Fundacja ARTeria (Poland)

An exhibition of young artists from Silesia, who completed their work during non-formal and informal education.  The exhibition is a record of their individual experiences, emotions and creative experiments.  Each of the young artists looked at life in different ways, interpreting everyday occurrences in unique ways and exploring their own path.

Their “masters” who are both leaders of the master courses of art in Zabrze, Poland, are credited below.

LECH POECHE  – a Silesian, born, living and creating in Zabrze. A graduate of the Art Institute at the University of Silesia in Katowice, the branch in Cieszyn, degree in graphic arts. A teacher of interior decoration and graphics at Zabrze Secondary School of Fine Arts and General Secondary School of Fine Arts, teaches art at Secondary School No. 1 in Zabrze, a university teacher at the Bogdan Jasiński School of Higher Education. He runs the Youth Art Studio, ART-GRAF, providing courses in drawing and painting. He organises summer painting workshops for young people devoted to portraying the beauty of the Silesian landscape. Engrossed in educational activities he also finds time for graphics, graphic design, easel and wall painting, the art of exhibition. In his free time he designs gardens.

STUDIO ART-GRAF –  a place both for amateurs and people, who dream about studying at highly reputable art schools. The students meet to paint, draw and discuss about art.  Studio Art-Graf also organises open-air painting, especially in mountains.  Each of the workshops and “classes” are marked by discovering new challenges in art.  And they are the inspiration and driving force for the challenges, in which young people are taught the encounters with nature, human body, architecture. 

KRZYSZTOF RUMIN – born in Gliwice, graduated of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, faculty of graphics. He runs graphic art and painting. From 25 years, he is a master the ART CLUB PASTEL in Zabrze, discovering and developing the talents of young people – future artists. He is a winner of the award of the Mayor of the city of Zabrze in the area of culture and also he is a participant of many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. 

ART CLUB PASTEL – for quarter of century talents are discovered and developed here, passions lived and future painters, graphic artists, sculptors, architects, photographers, film-makers are educated. PASTEL also educates the recipients of art and its connoisseurs. Oper-air paintings are organised in summer, especially in Kazimierz Dolny. Students meet in different age groups, both amateur and preparing for the university  entrance exams. The youth stays in the club usually till late evening, sometimes till 9.00 pm when the club closes.