Aerial Silk Performance

Aerial Silk Performance 

1.00pm in the Theatre

Presented by Prostor Plus (Croatia)

Aerial silk acrobatics performance by Nives Soldičić with vocal live accompaniment Tajana Josimovic.


Nives Soldičić was born in Rijeka and has a Bachelor degree in Economics. Since 2007 she moved into performing arts establishing herself as a dancer and aerial acrobatic performer.  She moved to Zagreb in 2008 and studied contemporary dance education within the dance programme of Studio Liberdance and Aerial Dance in the Center for Culture Maksimir. Returning to Rijeka as organiser and workshop educator in aerial performance skills on silk, as well as performer and choreographer in various projects. Since 2013 she has been working as a clown doctor in Red Noses organisation. Member of Croatian Dancers Association and Nomad Dance Academy Croatia.