Stop Talking Right What is Wrong

‘Stop talking right what is wrong’.

Suppose you are an experienced and successful  pop musician in our region. And we have quite a lot of them  in our region. You’ve already proven that you belong to  regional, national or even international top ranks through your compositions, albums, studio experience, performances and overall career progression.

And you indicate to the regular music education in the region that you really want to transfer this richness of expertise in a structured form to the young generation pop musicians. Preferably together with other top musicians in a thorough program of workshops, classes, or otherwise you will teach and inspire them. But unfortunately, you get no reply because you don’t have the renowned conservatory paper  With common sense than you think, “Something is wrong here anyway?”

Behind The Corner is a platform where this discussion. Let us together with the formal education overcome these barriers. show courage and open regional music to these musicians that are invaluable to the new pop generation.

Ultimately,anyway music education is about fun and inspiration? That is exactly what our own musicians, thanks to their experience and expertise, like no other, can offer.

Together with staff from two other Dutch institutions I was part of a European cultural network and we wrote the following article.
It’s about the distance that still exists between the informal and formal learning in our current education system, and therefore also in music education.
In the interview with the Deputy Director of Music East Gelderland Henk Lubberdink Behind the Corner Popmagazine tells how Lubberdink holds  the door closed for unqualified teachers because of the demands of the municipality and Art Keur, the alternative after the disappearance of the inspectorate for music (read more in “Behind the Knowledge” in “Cultural education: a matter of education ‘).

Maribel Coco Pérez, Kunstbedrijf Arnhen; with Johan Godschalk, Cultuurmij Oost; and Amalia Deekman, LKCA;