Connecting Creative Communities across Europe

COLLAGE ARTS – Connecting Creative Communities across Europe…

On Saturday 5 September 2015 the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham will be transformed as it hosts Taking Part – a celebrating of the role the arts is playing in building a new Europe.

Manoj Ambasna, Director of Collage Arts in Haringey, explains: “For many years now Collage Arts has been working with like minded organisations across Europe. These partners are achieving social and economic change in their communities – whilst delivering performing and visual arts of the highest standard. So we are celebrating all that these organisations have achieved. I believe now is the time to bring together our creative energies to show how participation in arts and cultural activities can help shape the Europe we want to live in and where no one gets left behind.”

The event takes over the whole of the Bernie Grant Arts Centre and will start with the launch of three new qualifications in Cultural Learning developed in partnership with our 13 European partners through the European Cultural Learning Network (ECLN) from 9.15am to 12 noon. Followed by a Free Festival, Taking Part, from 12(noon) until 6 pm, the square will be transformed into a music venue with live music. The theatre will offer a rolling program of international performing artists.

ECLN imageThe Doing Zone will offer chances for people of all ages to work with internationall artists to learn new skills or participate in master classes. A Thinking zone and Learning zone boasts a programme of talks and films that explain how the arts can transform society. Manoj Ambasna continues “Taking Part is for anyone interested in the listening to music, theatre, arts or crafts. It will offer a six-hour free festival experience with food stalls and art market. This adds up to a great day out. The artists will all be on hand to explain how the work they do is contributing to society in so many ways, but the main focus of the day will be to create a festival that will live in people’s minds for many years to come.”

Highlights of the afternoon will include: Jazz from Italy, Folk from Poland, Performance, Circus and Acrobatics form Croatia, Exhibitions from Cyprus, Street Artists from Spain, Films from Slovenia and Estonia, Speakers from Greece and Netherlands, and storytelling from Denmark. We’ll also have a ‘Young Gifted & Back’ stage featuring many of the successful young artists from Tottenham and Haringey with many special guests, Johnny Kalsi and the Dhol Foundation, Amina Khayyam Dance Company, Street Performers of all sorts, stalls and much, much more…….

If you would like to attend the European conference from 9.15am-12noon, please complete an RSVP using

Download a copy of the invitation here: ECLN London 5 Sept 2015 event invite