Access for All – event about creative spaces and self-made art professionals

‘Access for all’ is an event about creative spaces and self-made art professionals.

On Friday 26th June LKCA, Cultuurmij East and Kunstbedrift Arnhem are hosting the event at LKCA (Utrecht, Netherlands) to share knowledge and experiences about creative spaces, non-formal learning in the arts and provide networking opportunities.

During the meeting, the CLOCK, new ECLN toolkit for self-taught art professionals will be presented and introduced by Maribel Coco PĂ©rez from Kunstbedrijf Arnhem on behalf of the ECLN Network.

“CLOCK is a wonderful instrument for emerging artists who followed their own way to build their expertise, and are now sharing this knowledge and experience over to others.”

In the Netherlands, Cultuurmij Oost, LKCA and Kunstbedrijf Arnhem are collaborating and using this instrument to develop and build the non-formal learning arts sector.

More about ACCESS FOR ALL: ACCESS FOR ALL event details

Download the programme:

ACCESS FOR ALL invitation in Dutch

ACCESS FOR ALL invitation in English