Viral communication for artistic projects

ECLN partner CEPS Projectes Socials will share in Cyprus at the next partners meeting in October 2014, the outcomes of the highly successful the course about ‘Viral communication for artistic projects’, which took place in Barcelona in April/May 2014.

The course aimed to share the experience and techniques and key strategies how to communicate collective or personal artistic projects through simple online (and offline) actions. At the end of the course the participants were able to draft their own communication and dissemination project in order to implement it later, and adapt it to future projects. The participants shared content on the blog:

The course was organized by CEPS Projectes Socials, and implemented by specialists in viral communication (Oscar Martinez, community management expert, @sarok) Transmedia (José Abellan, Transmedia Producer and Gamification Designer, @JoseAbellan), digital tools such as animated gifs (Bea Reguant, Designer), remix theory and techniques (Mario Hinojos, Audiovidual expert and writer, @_mhinojos).