Access for All

Access for All

12:30pm – Thinking Zone

LKCA and  Cultuurmij  Oost, (Kunstbedrijf Arnhem)

Two young non formal artists are followed with cameras during the proces of working with the CLOCK method. They do so in order to enhance their credibility in the more formal field of the arts. After viewing the documentary we would like to share our experience with the method thus far and discuss possibilities   for CLOCK with other participants.

Name of the speakers: Amalia Deekman,senior research cultural participation & Johan Godschalk, advisor Art and Society Cultuurmij Oost

How does this peace embodies the spirit of ECLN: Measuring quality, experience and the level of education helps to be able to place young artists and teachers in a fitting environment, so that their experience level and authentic quality adds up to the best possible outcome in a given situation. Building up a portfolio on the way gives parties on both sides (customer and artist) a tool to follow development and to guide further steps.